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We are Rebranding and Launching a Contest to Celebrate

We are Rebranding and Launching a Contest to Celebrate

Hello everyone!


Highlights of this message:

  • Levley Marketing is rebranding to Aveccio, a compassionate, eco-friendly, and vegan marketing company
  • Same business, people, and phone number
  • New email, website, and location in Berkeley, California
  • Kickstart Compassion Contest
  • Winner receives 3 months of social media marketing



If you visited our website over the past year, you may have noticed that Levley Marketing started to specialize in promoting businesses/non-profits, services, and products that are cruelty-free, fair-trade, organic, sustainable, egalitarian, and other aspects of conscious consumerism.  We are proud to say that we finally decided to bite the broccoli and rebrand to reflect this change.  The people you know and love are still the same, and we still love you.  Over the next few weeks, you will see us changing from Levley Marketing to Aveccio.


What does that mean for our current and non-monthly clients?  Not much!  Again, we are the same business – only we will have a new name soon.  Our phone number is still the same: (650) 429-8094.  It is okay if you continue to email us at or go to for years to come.  They will automatically forward to our new email,, and website,  


We are also excited to be getting a new office location in Berkeley, California!  We feel that Berkeley represents and fosters many of the same values that we believe in.  Our new address will be 2120 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704.  It is right across the street from the UC Berkeley campus in the WeWork building, and walking distance to several amazing vegan restaurants if you ever want to meet us there for lunch.  As many of you know, we are social butterflies and frequently travel all over the San Francisco bay area and southern California.  So if you do not want to make the schlep up to Berkeley, we can come to you.  


Why Aveccio?  The name significantly draws upon Italian influence, which Ana, the owner and founder, loves very much.  Italian design is world renowned.  At some point, we hope to open an office in Italy as well!  Within the name Aveccio are knods to veganism, eco-friendliness, and an Italian word for soon or eager.  It is pronounced “ah-veh-chyo”.


In celebration of our rebranding, we are launching the Kickstart Compassion Contest.  Whoever the lucky vegan non-profit is will win 3 months of social media marketing.  You can go to to see the details.  If you have an organization in mind, feel free to nominate them on our new Facebook page!  


We are only getting started.  To keep posted on our progress, be sure to check in on our social media channels!  


With much excitement,


Ana, Jonathan, and Sadie

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