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General Store Relaunches as First Vegan Market in San Diego – Press Release

General Store Relaunches as First Vegan Market in San Diego – Press Release

San Diego, CA, May 29, 2018 Mission Square Market previously a general store, will be re-launching on Sunday, June 3, 2018 as the first fully vegan market in San Diego.

An agreement was made with a vegan marketing company, Aveccio, to help donate services to the general store to become 100 percent vegan. With the help of the active vegan community in San Diego, the donated marketing, and the enthusiasm of Sunny Bhanage, the owner of Mission Square Market, the market was able to become 100 percent vegan in one month.


The community was extremely excited to hear that the local general store that carried many vegan options was going entirely vegan. At least 50-100 vegan purchases happened each day to help the store sustain itself and focus on becoming totally vegan. Mission Square Market also recently started hosting local vegan events such as the Vegan Business Exchange, a San Diego vegan business support group, and Wellness Wednesdays where local experts can teach the public about plant based nutrition and eating. Local company Greenback Gorilla, Vegan Living and Fitness company, is help sponsoring the events as well.


“I am passionate about veganism, helping people be healthy, and saving lives. Life is more important than money. Thanks to our community, I can now focus on that,” said Sunny Bhanage, owner of Mission Square Market. “This is my dream, I hope we can educate people who are not vegan to help them become vegan as well. The whole San Diego vegan community has been so supportive, and it is thanks to them that we are here.” Mission Square Market hopes to grow and support a bigger vegan grocery store in the future.


On June 3, 2018 Mission Square Market will have a vegan launch party where a new vegan pop up called Veg’n Out will debut with Beyond Meat sliders and fries that have a Veg’n special sauce twist. There will also be free samples of Maya’s cookies, a local vegan cookie company that has a famous vegan fudge cookie, Violife vegan cheese, Unisoy Teriyaki Soy Jerky, vegan cheesy Kelly’s Croutons, Nomad Eats‘ vegan cheese sauce, Rawsome Delights vegan whole food desserts, Seva foods space ice cream and coconut jerky, Bear Bar savory bars, StarLight’s delicious vegan taquitos and daily coffee.

About Mission Square Market Market: Mission Square Market was a general store that chose to go one hundred percent vegan in one month. They have many different local and national vegan items including Herbivorous Butcher, Violife, Miyokos, and more. The deli is very popular in the vegan community as well with their vegan versions of classics like Philly cheese steaks and ham sandwiches.

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