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Vegan Business Exchange - We host events all over the world and are starting off in San Diego and the Bay Area

Join the Vegan Exchange International Group Vegan Business Exchange San Diego
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San Diego Vegan Business Events

Walk Off the Stuffing! Vegan Business Exchange Coffee Walk

Join us for a coffee walk where we get coffee and walk around the waterfront park! We hope to network and talk (NO MLMS please). This is for vegan businesses to network and get to know each other – even get advice in a relaxed environment. Also, in business, we need to walk more, and drink more coffee :). Feel free to have little fluffy ones to walk as well.


Vegan Cocktail Holiday Exchange – 6pm at Kindred

Join us for vegan cocktails and a casual getting to know each other. Let’s chat and see how we can help each other this winter!


Bay Area Vegan Business Events


We will launch these soon 🙂

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