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5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have Vegan Marketing

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have Vegan Marketing

1. Vegan Eco-Systems – Vegan Economy

We are big on conscious consumerism and believe that every dollar we spend is a form of vegan activism. As with any economy, the more you hire people within that economy, the more they will be able to afford to buy your products and services or donate in return. We are passionate about supporting the vegan economy because it helps funnel money into the vegan movement.

2. All Vegan Teams

Our vegan team is highly immersed in the vegan eco-system, whether it be food, fashion or any cruelty-free business or non-profit. Within the vegan immersion we are better suited to cross promote you with amazeballs vegan companies or non-profits – we are very well connected. Also by supporting us and our digital marketing team you are supporting vegan activists who have autonomy and can dictate how they would like to live their lives freely and fight for the vegan movement. They will be your biggest advocates. Additionally by supporting vegan marketing it allows our team to work in a cruelty-free environment. By having a vegan team, we create amazing campaigns because our team eats, sleeps, and lives vegan while other companies cannot say the same.

3. Eco-Friendly by Nature

By default advancing the non-use of animals and byproducts we cut a majority of harm to our planet. See cowspiracy FAQ for more details on that:

4. Growing Trend

Veganism world wide has been growing exponentially in recent years. Veganism has grown 500% since 2014 in the United States according to the research company Global Data. For more info- click here.
A significant amount of this is credited towards the evidence based research that a vegan lifestyle is the healthiest as well, thus as more doctors get on board, the more vegans we will have. To learn more about the health side of veganism, click here:
Veganism is only gaining momentum – early adopters (Myokos, Tofurky, Veestro, Purple Carrot, etc.) are likely to benefit the greatest. If your business or non-profit does not rely on exploiting animals then it is a great way to capture a passionate audience.

5. Non-violent

When you choose to be vegan, then naturally, you adopt a compassionate lifestyle in all aspects of your life. The vegan movement is to end all oppression, exploitation, and suffering or animals as well as humans and to take care of each other and the world. It is a very peaceful concept that can hopefully heal our society and make the world a better place.
*If your business or non-profit is not yet vegan/cruelty-free please get in contact with us to learn how you can easily transition


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